English Premier LeagueJorginho’s future in Chelsea is not in safe hands
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Jorginho was keen to follow through with speculation about his future at Chelsea, and Italian internationals insisted they hadn’t considered moving elsewhere.


Jorginho feels at home here

A return to Serie A for the former Napoli midfielder has been discussed, with his agent saying Inter, Milan and Juve have expressed interest. The 29-year-old, however, is tied to a contract until 2023 and prepares for the FA Cup and Champions League final performances from an ambitious side at Stamford Bridge. Moved to England in 2018, Jorginho told reporters about the weekend talk he generates in West London, which of course feels settled and when I came here, everything was different, but immediately felt welcome. It’s great to feel after three years and know that everyone here appreciates what Jorginho is trying to do for the club and for the people. It feels like now at home in England. Definitely not the time to think about contracts with two finals to play! According to Jorginho, how could you leave the club? This is not the point. It’s not even a matter of talking about it now. He has two more years, and, as I said, he feels at home here. So there is no point in even talking about it. And they just started with Thomas Tuchel, we still have a lot to do.


Jorginho has a prominent role in London

Has retained a prominent role in the Chelsea Jorginho team since another management change was made back in January. Thomas replaced Blues legend Frank Lampard and put his side in the fight for major awards and four top finishes. Jorginho’s last run saw him contribute to the bump being hit on the inner road with his reckless backhand giving Arsenal the opportunity to secure a 1-0 derby win, but his creativity has been shown on a regular basis. His true value to the Chelsea cause is now being recognized, with an underrated performer coming to the fore.