Football NewsJose Mourinho – My saddest moment in life is related to Real Madrid
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Former Real Madrid coach, Jose Mourinho talked about the times with Los Blancos. Portuguese coach noted that he is happy right now but there were few sad moments in his official coaching career.


Elimination against Bayern Munich in 2012

Journalists asked Jose Mourinho about the saddest moment of his career. Jose was not thinking a lot. He named Madrid’s elimination against Bayern in 2012 the worst one. He recalled the exact moment when Cristiano and Sergio Ramos missed the penalties. Jose said that Real Madrid was on fire that season. Los Blancos won the La Liga and they broke many records in local tournaments. At the same time, Whites did everything correct in Champions League play-offs until the semi-final. In the semi-final match, Real Madrid and Bayern could not find the winner in main or stoppage time, that’s why both teams had to be ready for penalty kicks. 

Jose Mourinho noted that Cristiano, Kaka and Sergio Ramos were the main guarantees for successful penalty kicks. Mou noted that all three players failed him and that’s how the ‘best’ season turned into the worst nightmare for Jose. Mourinho said that if they could reach the final, it would be 100% on Madrid’s side.

Happy with Gareth Bale?

Portuguese noted that Gareth Bale is happy to be in London with the team. Jose said that he is happy with Gareth and Zidane should be also happy that the player left Madrid. Mou said that medicals are working closely with Gareth and he has to be ready in 2-3 weeks. Jose said that they will start talking about Bale’s role in the team after he gets fit. 

While meeting with the journalists, Jose joked that French coach had to be happy that Gareth left. At the same time, Gareth is happy that he joined Tottenham and team managers are happy that Bale is with them too.