Football NewsJose Mourinho’s Disconnection – Tottenham’s Missing Emotional Bond
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Jose Mourinho has made critical remarks about Tottenham, expressing that unlike his other previous clubs, he does not hold any sentimental connection to them.


Jose Mourinho’s Unfulfilled Connection with Tottenham

During his 17-month tenure at Tottenham Hotspur from November 2019 to April 2021, the enigmatic Portuguese tactician, Jose Mourinho, experienced a unique set of circumstances. A significant portion of his time with the club coincided with games played behind closed doors due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, unlike his fond recollections of managing clubs such as Porto, Chelsea, Inter, Real Madrid, and Manchester United, Mourinho’s memories of his stint at Spurs lack the same level of happiness.


Impact of the Pandemic and Limited Support

Explaining his lack of emotional attachment, Mourinho, now the current boss of AS Roma, conveyed his sentiments to the media. He stated, “The only club in my career I don’t still have a deep feeling for is Tottenham. Perhaps because during the period that I coached the club, the stadium was empty due to Covid, and because President Daniel Levy did not provide substantial support.” The circumstances surrounding the pandemic and the perceived lack of backing from the club’s leadership contributed to Mourinho’s disconnection.


Looking Beyond Tottenham: Solid Bonds with Other Clubs

Contrasting his experience at Tottenham, Jose Mourinho highlighted the strong bonds he formed with supporters at his other coaching destinations. He emphasized that the connection went beyond mere results, stating, “In all other clubs, there has always been a solid bond because people are not ignorant. It’s not about winning or losing. Fans understand that I fight for them every day.” Mourinho expressed his affinity for AS Roma, Real Madrid, Inter, and other clubs he has managed, firmly associating himself with their identities.


Future Speculations and Focus on the Present

Speculation surrounding Mourinho’s future has linked him to a potential move to Paris Saint-Germain. However, the 60-year-old manager remains reluctant to divulge his plans. When questioned about the rumors, Mourinho deflected the topic, asserting, “I don’t like to speak before games, I like to play. Unfortunately, we can’t play a final every week. I am not thinking about myself. We want to play, and we’ll be there on Wednesday.”


Remaining Fixtures and the Europa League Final

AS Roma has two remaining Serie A fixtures as they currently occupy the sixth position in the league table. These domestic matches will bookend their crucial Europa League clash against Sevilla at the Puskas Arena on May 31. The outcome of the final may have a significant impact on Jose Mourinho’s future endeavors, but for now, his focus remains on leading AS Roma to glory on the European stage.