CricketJosh Hazlewood Hails The Unwavering Work Ethic of Virat Kohli
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As the highly-anticipated World Test Championship final at The Oval draws near, Australian pacer Josh Hazlewood took a moment to express his deep admiration for his Royal Challengers Bangalore teammate and India’s star batsman, Virat Kohli.

Hazlewood, despite his own struggles with injuries, remains confident in his ability to bowl at full strength. The unwavering work ethic of Virat Kohli has been the defining factor behind his exceptional skills and success on the cricket field.

The Hard Work that Sets Kohli Apart

When discussing Kohli, Hazlewood highlights the Indian superstar’s work ethic as the key aspect that distinguishes him from other players. Kohli’s commitment to fitness, skill work, and all-round excellence is remarkable.

He is the first to arrive at the training ground and the last to leave, setting an intense training standard that motivates and inspires his teammates. Hazlewood states:

“I think it’s probably how hard he works (that stands out). His fitness first of all – and then his skill work and batting and fielding in particular. He is always out there (training) first and leaves last … and the intensity he trains at all the time is at such a high level it drags everyone else along for the ride. That can leak on to the other players and improve them as well.”


Kohli’s Impact on RCB’s Leading Wicket Taker, Siraj

Hazlewood also acknowledges the significant impact Kohli has had on RCB’s leading wicket taker, Mohammed Siraj. Despite joining RCB late in the season, Hazlewood noticed Siraj’s exceptional form and control.

Siraj’s ability to consistently take wickets and maintain a decent economy rate demonstrates the influence of Kohli’s guidance and the team’s overall improvement under his leadership.

Josh Hazlewood Ready For The WTC Final

The Australian cricket team, including Hazlewood, has been training rigorously in Formby, England, ahead of the World Test Championship final. Hazlewood expresses confidence in his fitness and reveals the team’s upcoming training plans leading up to the crucial match.

He emphasizes the importance of ticking off the remaining sessions and ensuring a successful recovery after each practice.

Reflecting on his limited participation in the IPL due to injury, Hazlewood describes the challenges of adapting to the fast-paced T20 format. He shares that a previous injury flared up during the tournament but assures fans that he has been gradually building up his strength and is prepared to give his best in the WTC final.

Having played numerous Test matches against India, Hazlewood acknowledges the upcoming challenge of facing the Asian giants on neutral ground. He expresses his enthusiasm for the unique experience of playing against India in England, emphasizing the differences it brings compared to matches in Australia or India.

Both teams face an intriguing adjustment, adding to the excitement surrounding the final.

As the World Test Championship final approaches, Josh Hazlewood’s words shed light on the dedication and intensity Kohli brings to his training, inspiring and elevating the performance of those around him.