Football NewsJournalist Criticizes Sergio Aguero’s Economic Proposal
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Sergio Aguero has been harshly criticized by a reporter who referred to him as a despicable person following his proposal for the dollarization of Argentina’s economy.


Former Striker’s Controversial Suggestion

Sergio Aguero, the retired footballer who ended his career in 2021 due to a heart condition, proposed that Argentina should replace its official currency, the Peso, with the US dollar. He claimed that the country is in a difficult situation and needs the dollar since the Peso has little value internationally.


Journalist Criticizes Sergio Aguero’s Stance

Pablo Duggan, an Argentine journalist, strongly disagreed with Aguero’s suggestion, arguing that the athlete speaks from a position of privilege and is detached from the country’s realities. Duggan stated in a Radio 10 interview that Aguero’s wealth is in dollars, not Pesos, and that he has never been paid in Pesos. Duggan also harshly criticized Aguero, suggesting that he needs a reality check.


Argentina’s Economic Crisis

Argentina’s economy is currently experiencing hyperinflation, with rates reaching 104% in March. Duggan referred to Aguero as a “dangerous” figure and urged him to be more cautious with his statements. He emphasized the influence of Aguero’s words on the people of Argentina, given his fame, and questioned the validity of Aguero’s comparison to those in lower-income positions.


Awaiting Aguero’s Response

Sergio Aguero has yet to address Duggan’s criticism. Meanwhile, he may be in high spirits as Manchester City advances to the Champions League semifinals and has the potential to secure a treble, including the Premier League and FA Cup, marking a successful season.