Football NewsJovic: “I needed a coach who would push me to work so hard”
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The situation 

Jovic is happy. He is enjoying himself at Fiorentina , where he has already scored almost twice as many goals (5) than in his entire stage at Madrid (3). He has landed on his feet on the Viola Gigliati : the day of his debut, against Real Vicenza, he scored four goals in half an hour . It is true that the rival was from Serie C (Third Division), but as a letter of introduction, after a dark stage -almost opaque- in Chamartín, it was surprising. The Serbian also scored against Trento, in the second preseason game; but he lived his first bitterness in the third, against Triestina (he missed a penalty ). Despite this, anecdotally, the sensations that he is leaving in Florence are more than positive. And the first delighted with his signing is his coach, Vincenzo Italiano . “Worried that he missed a penalty? Absolutely. Jovic has to go through a stage of ups and downs, because he needs competition rhythm. I am calm, because I have seen all the qualities that he has. 

The details 

We will make him a player who can take high tempos,” he said. On the importance of playing, having rhythm… something that he has taken advantage of to blurt out a few words that, indirectly, sound like a subtle message for Ancelotti (or Real Madrid). “I needed a coach like that, to push me to work so hard. I hope to do great things with Vincenzo Italiano”, have been his words. Between what is translated that in Valdebebas they did not demand everything that he needed. On why Fiorentina, he said: “ I chose Florence for several reasons. The most important thing was the ambition and the idea of ​​attacking football. Because this is one of the few clubs in all of Italy that plays attacking. As many of you know, countless Serbian players have passed through this locker room, in fact now there are three more; my goal will be to repeat the successes that my compatriots achieved in the past”, he concluded. Jovic will be Viola until 2024 (two seasons). Madrid let him go free in exchange for keeping 50% of his rights for a possible sale. He hopes that in Italy it will feel important again, which may attract the attention of potential buyers, in the future, with which to recover the investment made in 2019 (60 million).