Football NewsJuan Mata warns Bruno Fernandes
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World Cup-winning Juan Mata is committed to a new one-year deal at Old Trafford and has no plans to step aside anytime soon.


What did Juan Mata say?

The Spaniard warned Bruno Fernandes that he would have to stay patient in pursuit of the No.8 jersey at Man Utd. The World Cup winning Spaniard is currently filling this jersey with a 12-month contract renewal at Old Trafford. Juan Mata believes he still has his role to play for the Red Devils, which means the Portuguese counterpart will have to wait a little longer before claiming a preferred roster number. To United’s official website, on how long he intends to keep Bruno Fernandes on the hang, Juan Mata said at least another year! According to Juan Mata, he thinks he is happy that he stays and Mata is happy to play with him. They have had a great relationship since he came and of course he has been brilliant for them on and off the pitch. Bruno is also a great guy and an example to others. Unfortunately for him, he will have to endure!


Bruno Fernandes Revealed He Was Waiting

Juan Mata was due to go to a free agency this summer, as his previous deal with United ended. He received other offers, but the 33-year-old agreed to enter the ninth season with the Red Devils. When the deal was confirmed, Bruno Fernandes revealed that he was waiting for a shirt to become available. Reacting to news of Juan Mata’s update on social media, the Portuguese mascot playmaker said he thought he would have to wait for number 8 for another year. He congratulates his brother !! Well deserved! Example and inspiration on and off the pitch. Juan Mata has played 273 appearances for United since January 2014, with 51 goals scored in those matches, assisting the Red Devils in the FA Cup, League Cup and Europa League triumphs.