Football NewsJulen Lopetegui – Sevilla is fully focused on Valencia
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Julen Lopetegui met with the press on Tuesday evening. After the final training session before the game, the coach talked about the upcoming match against Valencia.


First few words

Lopetegui said that the team is feeling good. He noted that spirit is very positive in the dressing room and he wants to keep everything in that way. Julen noted that they have shown true potential in Madrid against Los Blancos. They are ready to dominate even more stadiums in La Liga but there are only 3 rounds left to play this season. The coach admitted that Valencia will play without pressure. As you may know, Valencia is now in the safe position – the middle of La Liga table. So, Lopetegui admitted that Valencia can play without outside pressure and that’s when the opponent is very dangerous. They can do everything on the pitch – defending well and having very dangerous counter attacks.


The situation in the table of La Liga

Julen Lopetegui said that team players are not even focusing on the table of the La Liga. The coach said that looking always at the table will concede their motivation and inspiration and it’s very bad for the team spirit. Sevilla’s coach said that the team is feeling good and they have to play 3 matches in a 7 days period. It’s a tough situation but they will do everything to play in all games with 100% concentration. The main thing is the recovery and health of the players, so some of the starting line-up players might rest in the mid-week match.


Julen’s position on Madrid’s handball controversy

Spanish coach said that football is a very different sport. There are some rules that referee’s can decide as they feel. At that moment, Julen believes that the referee of the game did everything correctly. At the same time, Spanish coach believes that football will always have one side that feels mistreated. That’s why football is such an interesting game that one moment can change the course of not only the game but the whole season too.