Football NewsJulian Nagelsmann – We want to win DFB Pokal on Thursday
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Julian Nagelsmann met with the press after the game against Dortmund Borussia. Leipzig lost the away game against Borussia without Erling Haaland.


Nagelsmann hopes for good results on Thursday

Dortmund Borussia will face Leipzig again in three days. They have to play in the final of DFB Pokal. Germany’s cup is now in the hands of the two clubs and Julian hoped for a good match. Nagelsmann said that he is hoping for the positive result on Thursday for Leipzig. As you may know, he is leaving the club at the end of the season and wants to leave the club with a trophy. Winning DFB Pokal would be a big achievement for him and team in this season. Leipzig could even reach ¼ finals of the Champions League under Julian Nagelsmann. It happened for the first time in history and now the German coach is a history creator.


Come-back in the second half

Julian Nagelsmann said that Dortmund was the better team in the first half. He talked with the players during the break and explained the new strategy of play in the second half. Nagelsmann said that the team went for more goals and they scored. It was frustrating to see that Leipzig was attacking for a winning goal and conceded from Borussia unexpectedly. Julian said that he was very disappointed by the result of the match because Dortmund Borussia could not create many chances in the second half. German coach thinks that Leipzig was way better in the second half and they could have even won the game. Nagelsmann said that they will get a better understanding of the mistakes because there will be a big match on Thursday against the same club. Julian will try and compete for the Pokal. He wants to leave the club on a positive note.