Football NewsJurgen Klopp – Atletico Madrid is very tough oppontent
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Jurgen Klopp met with journalists before the match. As you may know, Liverpool will face Atletico Madrid in the Champions League play-off, and the game will be played on Tuesday evening.


Being afraid of strong and organized Atletico Madrid

Liverpool coach praised the coach of Atletico Madrid. The German coach said that Atletico is playing well, and journalists just make up stories. As the coach mentioned, the Madrid team is under pressure because there is a time for transition. Jurgen believes that Atletico is in a different era because the team lost leading players in the summer of 2019. Antoine Griezmann, Gabi, and Juanfran left the club in summer, and most of the things have changed.

Jurgen Klopp believes that Atletico Madrid can play a few matches on a very high level without hesitation. German coach believes that Diego Simeone needs more credit because he created a machine team in the last few years. Coach also noted that Atletico Madrid had eliminated all big teams from Champions League play-offs. So, Liverpool is very accurate and should focus on the match for 90 minutes.

Comparison with Diego Simeone

The German coach said that he is not like Diego Simeone. Jurgen admitted that Diego was a world-class player when playing for different clubs. At the same time, Jurgen noted that he has never played at a high level and was a really bad footballer.

Jurgen believes that Diego needs more credit and praise from journalists. The Argentinian player has created a big team from Atletico Madrid in 8 years, and it should be praised in all the ways. At the same time, Jurgen believes that Diego is living with the footballer, and he is better than Jurgen. Klopp said that Simeone is on the 12th level of emotions while he stands on the 4th level.

Jurgen Klopp does not play mind games

German coach Klopp said that he does not like playing mind games. As you may know, Mauricio Sarri said that Liverpool and Klopp are the main favorites of the tournament. Liverpool’s coach said that he is not into the mind games as he respects Sarri a lot.