Uefa Champions League NewsJurgen Klopp believes that Real Madrid or City will win the Champions League
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After the loss in the second-leg, Jurgen Klopp held a press-conference. He said that Real Madrid & Manchester City are way too superior and one of them can win the Champions League this season.

Was it the game you expected? 

We expected another type of game. They were very good tonight. They had the best chances. You have to respect your opponent. It has not been the night to achieve the miracle. Allison had to make sensational saves. She passed the one that deserved it the most. We have to play better in the playoffs”. Did you talk to Ancelotti about the hands this year and the possible penalty? : “The truth is that I did not understand it. I told Carlo and he told me. He has seen it on the screen”.


Real Madrid is the main favorite

Yes, because of their experience, but there are very strong teams. Whoever wants to win the Champions League will have to beat Madrid and Manchester City”. Real Madrid, with the history it has, is sure to be a team that can win”. It has been a difficult night but this shows how important the Champions League is. Is it a message of how important it is to be in the top four in the Premier: “Of course. With the history we have in this competition, we usually start with the idea of ​​winning it. We have reached the final several times, three times in recent years. So I really believe that if you want to win the competition you have to be outstanding and we weren’t tonight. It is the competition and we want to participate every year. After the national team break we have a very important week against Chelsea, City and Arsenal, which will probably define whether we do it or not. We will try”.