Football NewsJurgen Klopp confident he’s still the right fit for Liverpool
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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is confident he can turn the Reds’ fortunes around despite Liverpool’s disastrous campaign hitting a new low at Wolverhampton Wanderers.


What did Jurgen Klopp say?

Liverpool were beaten 3-0 at Molineux on Saturday, their seventh league defeat in a nightmarish campaign. They were two down within 12 minutes, with a Matip own goal followed by a debut kick from Dawson, before Wolves skipper Neves ended the game midway through the second half.

The Liverpool manager has been forced to listen to home fans chanting ‘you’re fired in the morning’ as the final stages of Saturday’s game were played and although there was no chance of that, he was asked at his post-match press conference if he had any confidence in his ability to turn over things at Anfield. “Yes, yes. Absolutely,” replied Jurgen Klopp, although he also said that he was tired of offering excuses for his team’s poor performance.

“How can I not worry?” – said the German. According to Jurgen Klopp, he cannot sit here and say that everything is fine, and they did it. This is wrong. He was asked if it was because of last season, [games] 63 games. Yes, of course, it is clear that this affected the first part of the season, but how long do we want to suffer from this? – he said. It’s February now.

They had a whole week to prepare, they have another eight or nine days to prepare the next one. Klopp says they are good, they are there now, some injuries yes, but today, the first 12 minutes are not allowed and they did it anyway.


A little about the topic

The Reds have already conceded more league goals this season than in all of last, and lost more away games than the previous two campaigns combined. Liverpool sit 13 points from the Champions League qualifying places and are significantly closer to the bottom of the league than they are at the top.


Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp admits he doesn’t understand the Blues’ remarkable £320m January spending.


How was everything?

Speaking at a press conference ahead of the Reds’ trip to PL Wolves, the German coach was asked about developments at Stamford Bridge during the transfer window, with the Londoners splashing out over £320m ($392m) on eight new players.


“I don’t say anything without my lawyer”

The Reds manager joked that he didn’t say anything without his lawyer! before going any further say they don’t understand what part of the business is, what they can do, what they can’t do. this is a large number in the last two windows. “The players they brought in didn’t think one day, ‘why did they do this?'” he said.

According to Jurgen Klopp, they are all really good players, so from that point of view, congratulations if they can do it. Klopp doesn’t understand how it’s possible, but it’s not for him to explain how it works.He hopes they all know exactly how it works, and then everything is in order!

Asked if he expected an instant improvement from Potter, Jurgen added that yes, Graham Potter knows that. Klopp isn’t sure if Todd Boehly is too interested in this, but it will happen one moment when they play well together. With the quality they have, this is hard to avoid. How quickly this will happen, Jurgen Klopp does not know.