Spanish La Liga NewsJurgen Klopp wants Bellingham – Real Madrid transfer is complicated
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The English media writes that Los Blancos transfer of Bellingham is complicated. Liverpool is in the deal and they are demanding the player at the highest level. As of now, Jude has stopped listening to the offer from the Dortmund officials and wants to be open for the international clubs. That’s why Liverpool and Los Merengues will compete against each other.


The Reds have a big interest in the player

Liverpool are not resigned to losing Jude Bellingham . The English club, in fact, is moving to try to gain ground in the bid for the English talent of Borussia Dortmund who is in pole position for Real Madrid transfers for next summer. According to Florian Plettenberg, a journalist for Sky Germany, the sports director of the reds is tightening his contacts with the Bellingham environment to try to convince him to sign for the Anfield entity. All by order of Jurgen Klopp, who would be “obsessed” with the idea of ​​having the British international, barely 19 years old.


An increased interest in the last hours and that is the other game that Madrid and Liverpool play before meeting in less than a month in the round of 16 of the Champions League. Madrid see themselves in a good position to get Bellingham because the footballer prioritizes not returning to England. Bellingham left Birmingham in the Championship three years ago to carve out a future abroad (at Borussia Dortmund) and considers that the plan to continue evolving in a league other than the Premier is the best way to continue promoting his career. That is why he chose Real Madrid.


Saving the baller in Dortmund

Klopp’s claims collide with the route that Madrid has traced for a signing that they consider strategic. The fact that Bellingham ends his contract in 2025 means that his price cannot skyrocket to infinity and as this newspaper reported, in Dortmund they see him much more outside than inside. The price will move around €100M plus a significant amount in variable bonuses (close to €40M) for individual and collective performance. Madrid does not want to enter into a fray of offers and counter-offers with Liverpool; because fighting against the pound right now is almost impossible and because he believes that the will of the English, if it is to play at the Bernabeu, must weigh. While his suitors take positions to hire him, the Dortmund board intends to offer him a three-and-a-half-year contract, that is, until the summer of 2026, at a price of 15 million euros of salary per season. A historic investment. This figure is about five million more than the first proposal. In this way, it would become the highest salary ever paid by the German club, which wants to bet on its quality and future projection.