Football NewsJuventus fall in first match being without Cristiano
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Juventus slumped to a 1-0 loss at home to promoted Empoli in its first match without Cristiano Ronaldo on Saturday. Leonardo Mancuso’s first-half goal was enough for the visitors to claim a shock victory and leave Juventus waiting for its first Italian league win of the season after two games. If you oversee the game itself, you will feel how much the team needs support in the offence.

Juventus now has an apparent weakness.

It’s already well known that Ronaldo is a high-class player that has insane potential, and it shows ideally in Juventus’ situation, Real had somewhat the same problem, but they at least had some kind of backup with Hazard. Nonetheless, even their backup failed to be in the same position as Ronaldo was, the thing is that we don’t know what will Juventus do to change this situation for to better. No. 7 was a big part, even a crucial part of the offence, and now it’s just mediocre without him. It will be pretty tough to buy someone at this point because the window is closing on the 31st of August, and now it seems like they are going to stay in these circumstances for some time, and they can’t do anything with it at all at this point, and you can’t blame them for it. The news of Ronaldo’s intentions was out of nowhere, and it’s understandable why they have tough times.

Future of Juventus

Ronaldo secured his return to Manchester United on Friday after telling Juventus he no longer wanted to play for the club. The Portugal star was the top scorer in Serie A for the last two seasons and scored 101 goals in 134 appearances. Without Ronaldo, Juventus already had some tough times in matches. Still, considering that Juventus is a huge and a pretty great team, they will indeed find some kind of way out of this unfortunate situation.