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Kaka believes that Messi could leave Barcelona soon

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09 Feb 2020
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Kaka: “I think it’s not going to be a problem for him to play in the Premier League, or to play at a top club at the top three leagues in the world would be good for him.”

Leo Messi can leave Barcelona

Kaka believes that Lionel Messi can leave Barcelona and does not think that he will have any problems with the transition from La Liga Santander to the Premier League, given his unique talents. Six-time Ballon d’Or winner Messi was outraged by recent comments by sports director Eric Abidal, who doubted that some players showed full commitment under the leadership of former head coach Ernesto Valverde. Messi’s hackneyed response went around the official club channels when he took Abidal on an Instagram mission, and that raised the question of whether the record striker remains happy at Barcelona. He spent his entire professional career with the Catalan giants, and at a great distance, they were the leading goal scorers all the time and closes the record of Xavi’s performances.

Best leagues in the world would be good for him

However, Kaka, who starred for AC Milan, Real Madrid and Brazil – and also won the 2007 Ballon d’Or – says that day may come when Messi strives to move on. After that, this will allow both sides to ensure that the split is carried out decently, Kaka explained. Messi has a clause in the contract that will enable him to access a free transfer at the end of each season, while Manchester City is touted as his most likely next destination. “I think that it would not be a problem for him to play in the Premier League, or play in the top club in the three best leagues in the world would be good for him,” Kaka quoted to reporters.

It’s hard to see how he plays for another club

“But, of course, it depends on what he wants for his career. It’s hard to see how he plays for another club, but it’s just… He can feel,” It’s alright, I have to change, and I’ll go to have a different experience, and I will be the best football player in the world for another team. “I think the most important thing is not the broken part, but how it will be broken.”When Cristiano Ronaldo left Madrid, we were sad that Ronaldo left the club and, of course, many of them regret that Ronaldo left Real Madrid.


Kaka hopes in the future he could be a football manager

“But I think that at that time everyone understood that, okay, for him this is another challenge, he needs another challenge, he needs to move, it’s healthy, we are one of the best clubs in the world, and we will continue to go, Real Madrid need to be rebuilt. “It is more likely that if this happens, the way it will happen.” Kaka, who hopes to become a director of the football role, further explained how fascinated he was with the Messi saga over the past week. “I am now in this position to understand the clubs, the sports director, how to manage the club, how to build a team, and this is a perfect situation. It’s for me to understand how they will cope with it because now everything is so hot, ”Kaka said.


“We will hear a lot about this, but I look forward to the next step – Messi, whether he is going to leave, Abidal or the Barcelona club, how they will cope with this situation, it will be nice.” Outside it is tough to say something. I don’t know if Messi wants to leave or if he wants to protect his players – and he thinks: “as a captain, I need to protect my team.”

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