Karim Benzema is feeling betrayed by Kylian Mbappe

Karim Benzema is feeling betrayed by Kylian Mbappe

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22 May 2022
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All Madridista players feel betrayed by the young French striker but none of them more than Benzema.

Benzema tried everything possible to convince Mbappe

The level of betrayal Karim Benzema is feeling from Kylian Mbappe is quite palpable, especially after the recent Tupac Shakur reference on the Real Madrid striker’s Instagram stories. All Madridista players feel betrayed by the young French striker but none of them more than Benzema. For years, he had been grooming the star to someday play beside him at Real Madrid, and he responded in the least expected possible manner. Countless public statements and gestures of complicity were directed towards the player who seems destined to become the best in the world quite soon. Benzema tried everything possible to convince him, and it served no purpose. In the end, Kylian Mbappe did what his family and he wanted without measuring the level of consequence this can bring him in the long run.


He forgets a World Cup is coming up where he will need to get cosy with Karim, and France is no stranger to dressing room drama throughout their history.

Karim feels utterly betrayed right now

We can already imagine how much Benzema will get on Mbappe’s face when they meet; what he did was completely unacceptable. Kylian will have to explain because Benzema feels utterly betrayed right now, as he showed in his most recent Instagram story. The photo he posted was a direct knock at his national team buddy, a hip-hop culture reference that is part of history now. In the photo he posted on Instagram Stories, Benzema dropped an image of Tupac Shakur shaking hands with actor Stephen Baldwin. At first glance, people who don’t know hip-hop culture will be puzzled by the image. But those who are aware of it will realize that the attention shouldn’t be on Baldwin.


The man behind Tupac, who is looking straight at the camera, is the “friend” who allegedly betrayed Pac and ultimately got him killed. It is an apparent reference to how betrayed Benzema feels by Mbappe and how much mending the PSG star will have to do if he wants to have a comfortable World Cup experience in Qatar. What do you think of this reaction from Benzema? Is it warranted?

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