Football NewsKevin De Bruyne not surprised Arteta impressed the Gunners coach
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Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne says he’s not surprised Arteta has impressed the Gunners coach.


What did Kevin De Bruyne say?

Mikel Arteta has taken over as head coach of the Gunners after three years with the Manchester City coaching staff. His Arsenal side are off to a great start this season, sitting at the top of the Premier League.

Asked if he was surprised to see the Gunners thrive under Mikel, the Belgian international said he wasn’t really. According to Kevin De Bruyne, he obviously sees a lot of similarities with the way they play, but that has always been his style. When he stopped playing and had the opportunity to come here, De Bruyne thinks it was a good training school and obviously they had great years.

Kevin saw the evolution from the start of Arteta until the three years he left. In the beginning, he adapted, but then more and more he got into his role. They also saw that he had a lot of ambition, and when the opportunity arose, he took advantage of it.

It’s good to see that he got some time from the Gunners. De Bruyne is happy for him that everything is going well. They play very, very, very good football. Kevin De Bruyne says he hopes they’re just not good enough for them.


What did Guardiola say?

Mikel’s is one point ahead of the Citizens Kevin in nine games of the season. Guardiola admitted this month that his former assistant’s side are currently playing better football than the reigning Premier League champions, saying they can’t forget one thing, ladies and gentlemen, there is one team that was better than them. This is reality. According to Pep Guardiola, in reality, the Gunners have been better than them so far.


What’s next for the Gunners?

The North London side will look to maintain their place at the top of the league by beating the Peacocks at Elland Road on Sunday.