Football NewsKevin De Bruyne still feels the impact of the coronavirus
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Belgian footballer Kevin De Bruyne has revealed that he can still feel the effects of the coronavirus as he works, returning to full fitness.


What did Kevin De Bruyne say?

The midfielder scored twice in Man City’s 7-0 win over Leeds United on Tuesday night in his first Premier League start since contracting the disease. Kevin De Bruyne missed four matches with Covid-19 to make up a tough six months that saw him suffer ankle ligament injury at Euro 2020, as well as a concussion and a fractured nose after a nasty collision in last season’s Champions League final with Chelsea.

Kevin De Bruyne told reporters that he still sometimes feels like his body is still adapting, because sometimes he does two or three sprints and he feels it with Covida. De Bruyne is happy to have played two full 90 minutes in a week, so that’s good. Obviously this season is what it is. De Bruyne can’t do anything about it, he was kicked in the face, kicked in the ankle, and after that he had Covid. It’s part of football.

According to Kevin De Bruyne, after Covid, he returned and trained as best he could. It’s not so easy with the schedule, but Kevin is doing well, he played in two games and came as a sub in two, so he does what he needs to do. He was 10 days alone and Kevin was running up the walls. Kevin De Bruyne says he still can’t sit still. De Bruyne left his family, as he did not think that they had a family, and he did not want to give it to his wife and children. It was rather difficult to see them through the glass door.


Kevin always tries to do what is good

Injuries have given the opportunity to other players with Silva in particular in dazzling form this season in central midfield. Kevin will struggle to regain his regular spot on the sidelines, but the Belgian international says he has had competition since joining the club.

Kevin De Bruyne said that this has been the case since the beginning, since he came here. Kevin knows the team is incredible, talented, but at the end of the day, he’s a competitor. De Bruyne is here to get involved and he knows there are some games to sit and it never feels good. According to Kevin De Bruyne everyone wants to play all the time, but he always tries to act in a good way, and when he is on the field he can only perform.