Football NewsKieran Trippier admits he negotiated with the Red Devils
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Kieran Trippier wanted to leave Atlético Madrid during the 2021-22 campaign and ended up completing a move to Newcastle.


A little about the topic

The Red Devils remain in the market for a new right-back, with the England international revealing how close he came to joining Manchester United after interest was shown at the start of last season. Kieran Trippier was due to return to the PL during the 2021-22 campaign but ended up in Newcastle instead of Old Trafford. A £12 million deal was completed during the January transfer window, with Man Utd moving on to other targets.


What did Kieran Trippier say?

Kieran Trippier admits that he held talks with Manchester United, saying that yes they were. There were a couple of clubs. According to the Englishman, they chatted with the head coach at the beginning of the season and agreed that if the opportunity arises, he can go.

At the start of the season, Trippier had a couple of family problems. To be honest, they didn’t want to come back. It didn’t happen, so Kieran continued. Trippier isn’t the type to throw their toys out of their pram when they don’t. He didn’t have to leave Madrid. Kieran Trippier wants to clear this up. He liked it there, and it was a good time. The Englishman also had several options, but for his family it was important.

The England international, insisting on returning to his northern roots, having been born in Bury and joining Man City’s academy system at the age of eight, added that he wanted to return to the north. As a player, they also need to be realistic. Kieran Trippier says the deal in Newcastle came very quickly. The manager was engaged, whom he knew well and it was a good decision. This place is a football city and people are obsessed with their club.