Football NewsKlopp claims finishing third is a big result

Jurgen Klopp claims Liverpool has made a surprise turn-around in the last 10 games to earn their third-place finish.


The Reds claimed 26 points from the possible 30 points, something that Klopp admits he could not believe. The former Borussia Dortmund coach watches his Liverpool complete an unbelievable mission to finish third.

Speaking after Liverpool’s turn-around to finish 3rd, Klopp reveals he could not believe they could cut in to be third.

“It’s big, come on. If someone told me five, six, eight weeks ago we can finish the season in third… it was out of reach, barely possible,” Klopp said.

“Even when good things happened this season it didn’t feel too good. Injuries followed us all season,” he claimed.

Also, Klopp claims that the Reds came from nowhere to displace Leicester City off to fifth place. Although, it wasn’t entirely Liverpool’s effort that displaces the Foxes since they had the top-four fate on their hands.

“Fighting through this and finishing here in third is the best lesson you could learn in life. From nowhere to the Champions League in five weeks is a massive achievement,” Klopp claimed.

“It is great. It is outstanding. From outside you cannot really understand – because we are Liverpool. We have to perform, we have to fight through. We were constantly sorting problems,” he added.

Klopp continued, “It was so nice we could use the last five, six weeks to give this season a proper turnaround and I am so happy for the Champions League that they don’t have to play without us.”

However, Klopp congratulates Pep Guardiola’s side for winning the title.

“Outstanding achievement from the boys. Man City rightly won the league this season; congratulations again but because we cannot be champions. It doesn’t mean we can’t have targets and the target was international (European) football,” Klopp congratulated.