Football NewsKlopp said, holding the match would be a criminal – Ancelotti
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When the Liverpool-Atletico meeting was repeated at Anfield, the situation with Coronavirus was already in an alarming phase.


However, the match was played in front of overcrowded tribunes in the presence of the visiting team’s fans, and eventually, the Atletico won 3: 2 in the extra time.

Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti recalls what Jurgen Klopp told him before the match:

“Klopp told me that playing in a similar condition was a criminal act, and I think he was right.”

Carlo also said that he was less concerned about the date of the renewal of football and that changes were imminent: “We are not accustomed to such a life, it will bring some changes. We will have to reduce it, including football. Now health is the main, and dates are the last thing that I worry about.”

I think that wage cuts and reductions are timely solutions. Soon the economy will change. TV revenue will be lower, players and coaches will be paid less, match tickets will be cheaper because people will have less money.”


The prep period is just a myth


It is thought that after a long hiatus, players will have difficulty keeping up with Premier League demands. Ancelotti doesn’t think so:

“I remember being fined in 2006 after the Kalchopoli scandal and kicked out of the top four, but then the Champions League trip was returned to us again.

They were on vacation, and in four days, we had a play with Crvena Zvezda. Cafu arrived 24 hours before the match and played 90 minutes. I can remind you how everything ended in May. You probably know, The prep period is a myth and nothing else.”