Football NewsKlopp: “You imagine the quarrel between Lampard and me”
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Klopp talked about his quarrel with Frank Lampard. According to the German specialist, the controversy between the coaches is fabricated by journalists.


Before the second round match of the English Premier League with Chelsea, which will be held on September 20, Liverpool’s German coach Jurgen Klopp explains his relationship with the London coach Frank Lampard to the media and says that the controversy between the coaches is fabricated.

“No quarrels. It would be best if you were allowed to read newspapers. I do not understand it. When you ask me, you answer, but they all perceive in their own way, as they wish. You fabricate this whole story. You have fabricated the story of Chelsea transfers. And now you are creating a rift between us. and why? (Klopp here probably refers to his assessment of the transfers about a week ago, where he says Liverpool can not behave like Chelsea, which buys everything.

Frank is probably a good guy. We don’t know each other very well. At the edge of the pitch, we both want our teams to win. I heard many rejoice that the old rivalry is back. Such as Wenger and Ferguson had. And yet, the world does not need such stories – only a few of you journalists, “Klopp was quoted by the Liverpool Echo.