Football NewsKlopp says contract negotiations with Mohamed Salah are progressing well
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Liverpool manager Klopp believes the contract negotiations with Mohamed Salah are in a good place and the Red boss is confident that a deal can be struck between Liverpool and the star player.


A little about the topic

The Egyptian footballer is in the last 18 months of his contract with Liverpool, with negotiations that have become a highlight of the conversation amid the impressive form of Egypt’s Premier League. In an interview this week, Mohamed said his contract demands are not crazy while adding negotiation is in the hands of the club, and Jurgen Klopp believes the two sides are closer to coming together than many expect.


What did Klopp say about Mohamed Salah?

Jurgen Klopp said at the press conference that above all, these days he thinks it is really dangerous to talk about interviews when you yourself have not spoken to the player. There was nothing unexpected about him. they know Klopp knows that Mohamed Salah wants to stay. according to Jurgen Klopp, they want Salah to stay. This is the point where they are.

These things take time, Klopp can’t change that, sorry! Klopp thinks everything is in a good place. There is nothing more to say. Klopp thinks there are enough reasons to be pretty positive. Until this is done, they cannot say anything about it. Good talk, that’s what Klopp had to say.

Jurgen explained how contract negotiations remain a delicate process, offering context regarding Mohamed’s delay in signing a new deal. Everything takes time. There are so many things that they have to do, and by the way, there is a third party. The agent is also there, but there is nothing to worry about, this is a normal process.

According to Jurgen Klopp, Mohamed Salah has contact here this and next season. Nobody has to worry, it’s just a situation. All is well, not done, but they had negotiations. Klopp also said that Salah is a world class player, an incredible player, and has done great things for Liverpool. Of course they want to keep it and see how it goes.