CricketKnow The Name Of These Six Hitting Grounds Of IPL 2023
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In IPL 2023, we have seen that batsmen have dominated the game. The big reason behind their dominance is the pitches that are being used, are perfectly suited for stroke playing and power hitting. Six hitting grounds

When a pitch is as good as we have in this IPL for batting, there are always worrying signs for the bowlers. There’s nothing they can do to stop the run flow so they are the victim of this power hitting. There are some grounds where batting becomes more easier and six hitting becomes more common thing.

Let’s know the three such grounds in IPL 2023 where the most sixes have been hit and now the IPL has only been half done, there is still a way to be completed and do not know how many sixes are going to be scored. Six hitting grounds 

121 sixes at Chinnaswamy Stadium

No one will be surprised to hear the first name as please call the graveyard of bowlers. A total of 5 matches have been played at the Chinnaswamy Stadium and 121 sixes have been hit in those 5 matches.

The ground dimensions are relatively small and the boundary lines are very deep inside, sometime even a miss-hit goes for a six. There were 27 sixes hit in the match played between Bengaluru and Lucknow.

On the other hand, in the match played between Bengaluru and Chennai, where both teams got a score above 200, there were a total of 33 sixes hit all around the ground. No player has more sixes on this ground than Glenn Maxwell sits at talk with 23 huge 6s in 5 matches at this venue.

85 Sixes at Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens has always been considered a good wicket for batting. This year we have seen some huge scores on this ground. CSK posted a mammoth total of 235 runs on this venue against the home side KKR and there were plenty of sixes in that match.

In that match, CSK’s batsmen hit a total of 18 sixes, while the Kolkata batsmen hit only 12 sixes and eventually lost the match by 49 runs. If we talk about the match played between Kolkata and Hyderabad, then there were a total of 23 sixes in that match.

Have a struggles at this ground especially the pacers who have no place to escape when bowling at this ground. The special thing about Eden Gardens is that once the batsman is set here, he can make free floating runs.

65 Sixes at Narendra Modi Stadium

Located in the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, this huge stadium has so far seen huge sixes. Who can forget Rinku Singh’s incredible and unexpected 5 sixes in an over to win KKR a crucial match.

In the last match between Mumbai and Gujarat, GT batsmen hit 9 sixes in the last 4 overs on this ground. The most sixes in the match played between Kolkata and Gujarat, where both teams touched a big score of 200 and a total of 22 sixes were hit.

This ground is big but it is easy to hit sixes here because the pitch here is good for batting.  The wicket is made of red soil, so it becomes convenient for the batters to trust the bounce and swing in line.

If the ball hits the middle of the bat, it always sails over the boundary and how powerful batters are these days, it is so easy for them to swing the ball away on this ground.

So this is the story and stats of three grounds where most sixes have been hit in this IPL 2023. Even fans enjoy these big six hitting shows because it is quite entertaining for them but not so much as for the bowlers. Six hitting grounds