Football NewsKylian Mbappe would prefer Olivier Giroud to talk to him in private
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Kylian admits he was affected by Olivier Giroud’s complaints about his French teammates not joining him, but insists he doesn’t want to make it a big question.


Kylian Mbappe was slightly affected

Olivier said after his side beat Bulgaria in a friendly that he is not getting the ball despite running into dangerous spots in the box. The comments were interpreted as a jerk at Kylian Mbappe, and the PSG star says he would rather if Olivier talked to him in private rather than relaying his complaints to the press. Kylian Mbappe said at a press conference that he spoke with Olivier Giroud. Everyone knows what happened. It is true that Kylian was a little affected by this, but they are not going to do anything because they are here to represent France, that’s the most important thing.

What he said didn’t bother Mbappe anymore, he’s a striker and he had that feeling 365 times in a game. Mbappe congratulated him in the locker of the room, he didn’t say anything to him and then heard from the press. According to Mbappe, he said nothing bad. More of a fact of public speaking about it, Kylian would rather let him come in and be even more vociferous in the room locker. But this is not a problem, these are small things. The team doesn’t need them to get in the way.


The most important thing is what’s going on inside

France coach Didier Deschamps says he spoke to the team about the issue and supports the lack of tension. Didier Deschamps said in an interview that Giroud, like any striker, says that he does not receive balls, this is not a problem. There was no convocation and that Deschamps is discussing this with the whole group. Today, whatever they say, the slightest word leads to interpretation, which can be varied and varied. What’s most important is what’s going on inside. And there are no problems inside.