Football NewsKylian Mbappe’s first agent knows that French is interested in Madrid
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Vadim Vasilyev knows Mbappe well from his time at Monaco. He believes that the tie in the Champions League will also weigh because “compared to Madrid, PSG is not yet an institution.”


Kylian Mbappe’s fate

Mbappe’s fate remains at the centre of news in France. Today the newspaper Le Parisien has asked Vadim Vasilyev, former vice president and former general director of Monaco about his former pupil. Vasilyev saw Mbappé grow up at Monaco until he left for Paris, despite the fact that Real Madrid could already be his destiny at that time. The former Russian manager believes that PSG have very few options to keep him, since he knows Mbappé and his family very well. It was never a mystery that Real Madrid is the club of his childhood dreams. There will be people for and others against his signing for Madrid, but in any case, he will make the right choice in full agreement with his parents, who manage his career in an exemplary manner. Kylian makes the difference in every game. He still has room for improvement and will go all the way to the top, ”says Vasilyev. He believes that PSG has little left to offer him, but he affirms the way forward to convince him. “I would put him at the heart of the project by making him understand it’s full importance,” he says.


Treatment of Messi and Neymar in Paris

Vasilyev was also asked about the treatment that Messi and Neymar received from the PSG fans after the elimination. “It’s not the right reaction, I can’t approve of it. But it’s human to express frustration. It was a way of doing it. Everyone said to themselves: ‘this is a good year for Paris. And in the end, what a cold shower!”, he points out before underlining the superiority of Real Madrid over PSG, which may be another point that makes Mbappe decide. “The quality of PSG players is not in question. Compared to Real Madrid, PSG is not yet an institution. We all aspire for it to become one. A player should never be more important than a club. At Madrid, Even in Cristiano Ronaldo’s time, it wasn’t like that.