Football NewsKylian Mbappe’s renewal is very close according to French press
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The French player has a verbal agreement with Florentino Perez to play for Real Madrid next season. At this time, his decision remains not to renew with PSG.


Renewal of Kylian Mbappe is close

The renewal of Kylian Mbappe is, at the moment, a utopian question. While PSG tries to strengthen ties with the player to renew him, the French international just wants to finish the season in the best possible way before leaving the Parisian team . His decision not to renew was already communicated to the club in August and nothing has changed since then . As Spanish journalists have learned, Bondy’s talent is focused solely on winning the Champions League with PSG. The future of the tie against Real Madrid will not influence his final decision , as the player himself confirmed in an interview with Movistar Plus after the first leg at the Parque de los Príncipes . If PSG goes to the quarterfinals and eliminates Real Madrid, it will not mean, at all, that the French international is going to renew with the Parisians. Meanwhile, PSG continues to convey optimism and confidence regarding Mbappe’s future. In Paris they believe that the Champions League tie can open their eyes to renewal and, although the negotiations continue with the environment, the one who decides is the player . Neither his father, nor his mother, nor his lawyer, even if they have influence on Mbappe, can make such a decision and that is why the PSG star, who has not accepted any of the latest offers that have been made to him put on the table, he will communicate at the end of the season that he wants to take a new step in his career , that is, go to Real Madrid.


Gentlemen’s agreement with Florentino Perez

In addition to the difficulty in his renewal, Kylian Mbappe has a “gentleman’s agreement” with Florentino Perez. As Pablo Gallego from the French outlet Le Journal du Real advanced and has been able to confirm, the striker gave his word to the president of Real Madrid to sign for the Whites next June. The relationship between the two is fluid and breaking that commitment would mean, although to a lesser extent, a kind of betrayal by the PSG striker.