Football NewsKylian Mbappe’s transfer is almost impossible this summer!
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Kylian Mbappe’s transfer seems impossible for Real Madrid in summer! August is almost over and the transfer window will be closed in a few days.


Kylia was very close to Madrid two days ago

Some of the Madrid based journalists wrote that Kylian was very close to Madrid. They wrote that Mbappe wanted to join Real Madrid in august and he told everything to the president of the team. It seems that the last words were on the owners of the PSG. As you know, PSG is owned by the richest people in Saudi Arabia. It seems that they rejected Mbappe’s decision to leave the team in summer. Keep in mind that PSG signed Lionel Messi in the middle of August. Journalists write that they did not want to have a bad taste after Messi’s transfer! They wanted to see a full roster in the work during the season. So, Mbappe has to wait for one more season. As you may know, Mbappe is not going to extend contract with PSG. So, he will leave the team next season as a free agent. Real Madrid does not have to pay anything for the player, young generational talent to play for his team.


Bad financial decision

It seems that PSG will have a bad financial decision for Mbappe. So, Kylian Mbappe is getting 20 Million Euros per season as a salary. He wanted to leave PSG this summer, so the team could get more than 120 MIllion Euros for this player. Mbappe is not extending contract and he is rejecting all the offers. It seems that Mbappe will leave the team next summer as a free agent. Experts believe that it was a very bad financial decision for the club. For the owners, they will not see financial downsides as they are billionaires. ON the other hand, the club is not a billion dollar company so losing 120 million euros would be very bad!