Football NewsLa Liga has found an original solution to fill the empty stands
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The leadership of La Liga wants to change the horrible view of the empty stands.


The management of the Spanish Football Championship has started working to make La Liga matches, which should be held against the background of empty stands, more attractive for players and fans.


La Liga plans to fill the empty seats in the stadiums with virtual ads and fan messages.


“We have already had the opportunity to watch closed matches. And, usually at such times, we view the image of empty stands accompanied by horrible echoes that we hear in the stadium. We are working to avoid this with modern, original methods.

There is an exciting option in the form of virtual advertising and the launch of fans’ tweets, which will be shown directly during the game, ” – said La Liga President Javier Tebas.

In Spain, there has also been talking of creating artificial fan noise while playing in the background of empty stands. So that players can feel themselves in a natural atmosphere. However, in this case, the viewers will not be able to hear the dialogues of the players.

The matches of the Spanish Elite Division will also be held until 2021 against the background of empty stands. And from January, the fans will be allowed in the stadiums with some restrictions. The issue will be reconsidered if the coronavirus vaccine appears or the pandemic situation is under control.

The idea has not yet been finalized, and a decision has not been made. Although Spain believes that holding a match-like scenario will be quite effective.