Football NewsLa Liga president is afraid of Super League
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The president of LaLiga Javier Tebas admitted to the media that “there are teams working on this project” and that “it will be a failure”.


Tebas idea on Super League

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, spoke to the media after the LaLiga Genuine event and once again pointed to the Superliga. In addition, the president of the employers’ association assured that Barça’s hypothetical agreement with the CVC would not ensure the signing of Haaland by the Catalan club. The new Superliga: “Florentino never loses, he’s always up for something. The Superliga is a concept that began many years ago and is more Florentino’s personal, not so much Real Madrid. It still exists, they give a lot of importance to what the EU can solve , but the governments of Europe have already positioned themselves. They are working on another project, which will again be a failure, without the English teams, against UEFA, FIFA and the Premier.” Barca and CVC: “I only know that Barcelona has joined LaLiga Genuine and I’m happier than if it comes with CVC. I don’t know anything, I’m not in the day-to-day of this. If they give me a choice, I prefer Barcelona in the LaLiga Genuine project than in CVC”.


Situation with Erling Haaland

For Barcelona to enter the CVC project would not allow the signing of Haaland, it is one more step, but he will have to take other steps to put himself in an economic situation to sign that type of player. But it is FC Barcelona’s strategy. I don’t know if they’ll go in with CVC, but it wouldn’t be the only thing they should do.” Barca’s victory in the Clasico: “It was a great match. This is the Barça that La Liga likes, not the one at the beginning of the season, and that’s why I’m glad, because there is more competitiveness. Barca gave a football lesson. Also, I don’t think the league is decided. After the first day of the Champions League it seemed that Spanish football had sunk, and here we are with three teams in the quarterfinals. It’s not decided, there are complicated games left for the clubs that are up there. It will be a league of less than 90 points, very competitive in all aspects”.