Football NewsLaLiga estimates losses of €9,100M if the Sports Law comes out
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The situation

The clubs are on a war footing to defend their kingdom. In the last seven years they have built an ecosystem that they see threatened by the new wording of the Sports Law. In total, there are 9,100 million euros at stake over the next ten years (910 per year). The pulse is great: 39 clubs, led by Tebas, against Real Madrid and Barcelona. The pressure is on who manages to have the Government or the PP on their side, the parties capable of introducing or not some amendments that will determine the future of Spanish football. The trump card of the 39 clubs is clear: either they are taken into account by the Law and protect their business or the ball will stop rolling in the First and Second Division as a protest. The situation is the following. This Tuesday the parliamentary commission is expected to raise the new text of the Sports Law to be voted on. However, LaLiga had agreed with PSOE and PP on a series of amendments, which have been withdrawn. The rest of the clubs accuse Real Madrid and Barcelona of influencing that decision for their benefit. The struggle is in several articles that have already confronted the white team and the employers in court. One of them is the possibility that Tebas exploits certain commercial rights on behalf of the teams to increase everyone’s income. The second point is in the Super League, a competition project in which azulgranas and meringues continue to participate. The intention of the remaining 39 clubs is to introduce an amendment that allows them to be denied a license to play in the First Division if they manage to start the Super League and play in it. 

The details

They want both of them to be incompatible. “We will not allow it.” It is the phrase that the presidents of the clubs have repeated the most throughout this week in their appearances before the matches. And it is that LaLiga has warned them that many millions of euros are at stake. If the Law enters into force as it is currently drafted, the commercial agreements that the employers are making and also the Impulse Plan signed with CVC for the next 50 years would be in danger. The investment fund added a clause to review the contract in the event that LaLiga’s commercial exploitation conditions change.The scenario would be as follows: of the 2,000 million euros that the fund signed to inject, the remaining 1,000 would not arrive. The other half that has already been paid in would become a fifteen – year debt that the clubs would have to assume and that could put them in serious financial trouble . What’s more, the ambitious growth project (they hope to grow in four or five years what it would take in 25) that the Impulse Plan supposes would have to stop dead. The clubs would have to say goodbye to the remodeling of their stadiums and sports cities (which have already begun), the investment in technology and brand, and the expansion and internationalization strategy.