Football NewsLaporta: “The great players want to come to Barcelona: we are back and the market knows it”
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The situation 

Joan Laporta, president of Barcelona responded to the words that supposedly came from Bayern, belittling the situation of the Blaugrana club in which he assured that it is so critical that it could disappear in two years: “I don’t believe Bayern’s statements, it’s a joke of a chat, we are going to make our 125th anniversary, there are few teams of this age. Bayern would never say that. The credibility of the club has returned, but due to the inherited situation we have difficulties. We send the message to the market that we will invest. The rivals want to take advantage of this situation, but we are improving. We respect Bayern, we have made them an offer and we expect a positive response, I take this opportunity to thank Lewandowski for his attitude and his statements and his willingness to say that he wants to come and play with us”. Laporta was asked again if Cristiano Ronaldo would be banned from Barcelona because of his past , but Laporta once again said that “without going into names, what we detected is that most players are excited about the possibility of playing for Barcelona. Credibility has returned and the market knows it. We are a very attractive club for high-level players”. The Barcelona president also trusts Pique: “He is clear that he wants to have a good season and he let me know that. The coach will assess from the technical point of view. 

The details

He is very motivated and eager to have a great season. He is excited as captain to mentor the new Joan Laporta continued to insist that “as long as the 15% lever for the sale of television rights is not made effective, we cannot close any more operations. It is a general rule, but there may be some exceptions. I don’t want to talk about names at the moment.” The president of FC Barcelona made these statements at the presentation ceremony for Andreas Christensen, the club’s second signing for next season. Laporta revealed that when “Christensen was eight years old he wrote on a piece of paper that his dream was to play for Barcelona and that is documented, that we have seen it. We like that there are players in the first team who have that dream. This is what we want: footballers who want to play with us”.