Football NewsLast training session before the clash of Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao
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Real Madrid is getting ready for the match against Athletic Bilbao. Team will play against Athletic without Hazard and Casemiro.


Injuries in the team of Zidane

Zinedine Zidane is not satisfied with the injuries. He mentioned a tight schedule in a few press-conferences. Zidane is clearly not happy with the tight schedule. Keep in mind that the tight schedule of Real Madrid leads to many injuries. If you don’t know, Real Madrid’s many players were already injured this season. Los Blancos players without main strikers (Jovic and Benzema) whole November. Hazard is injured from the first round of La Liga and still, he got another injury last week. Sergio Ramos and other defenders also missed many matches due to injuries. In this match, Hazard and Casemiro can’t help Los Merengues. Hazard is injured and experts believe that he may return by the end of December. Casemiro has 5 yellow cards already in La Liga, so he will miss one match. It will be a chance for Casemiro to get a rest on a tight schedule.

Who will play in the midfield?

Toni Kroos and Luka Modric were playing every possible match for more than a month. We should keep in mind the ages of Luka and Toni. Also, don’t forget that Los Blancos has injured midfielders who could replace Toni and Luka. Odegaard and Hazard are injured, so they can’t replace the legendary midfield duo. Experts believe that Toni and Luka will play again and this time, they may be in need for full 90 minutes. Casemiro can be replaced with Fede Valverde.