Football NewsLeague 1 stars warn Neymar to have more respect on the pitch
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Neymar needs to have more respect on the pitch, says Lille’s Tiago, who claimed the PSG star threw a tape in his face.


Neymar disrespects every opponent?

Lille moved three points clear to the top of Ligue 1, beating Paris Saint-Germain 1-0 at the Parc des Princes on Saturday, with Jonathan David grabbing the decisive visitor goal. Tiago and Neymar were shown their second yellow cards after they hit it off late and the defender now opened up on a heated exchange between the pair that followed as they made their way down the tunnel.

Tiago Djalo said that in the dressing room in the tunnel he said his things that he ignored. He even threw it in the face with a tape. According to him, the media have a share of responsibility. They always prioritize the most media-friendly players who are more secure. 


Neymar deserved red card

As Paris Saint-Germain raced frantically for the equalizer against Lille, Tiago and Neymar both rushed in to grab a loose ball on the far left touchline before it eventually ended the game. Neymar seemingly pushed his opponent to the ground as they walked shoulder to shoulder, leaving the referee no choice but to send him on a second signed offense. Tiago Djalo has also been sacked for aiming at the Brazilian with an obscene satchel, and both men will now face at least a one-match ban for their poor discipline.

Tiago and Neymar continued to repair each other as they made their way on the pitch and officials from both clubs followed, which only served to increase the level of animosity between the duo. The cameras picked up Neymar trying to shove the Lille center on his way to the dressing room, prompting him to try to snuggle up to the 29-year-old, only for a number of member staff to intervene and prevent a potential scuffle.