Football NewsLegal actions from Quique Setien against Barcelona
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First it was a failure in La Liga, then a team humiliated by Bayern in the Champions League. Then the club’s management was crazy with Lionel Messi and right now even bigger drama is folding – Setien took legal actions against Barcelona.


First things first – Quique is not officially sacked

As you may not know, the team could not sack Setien officially. Spanish journalists believe that Koeman may not be the coach of the team in the first official La liga match. Marca’s experts believe that Barcelona has a few days to officialize the sack of Setien and send an official letter to La Liga’s management about the Koeman. 

Setien’s official statement on Twitter

Barcelona’s former coach posted the official statement on Twitter. Spanish coach said that Barcelona’s board of directors were silent for over a month until yesterday. On 16th September, Quique noted that he received the official statement of Barcelona via Burofax. Spanish coach noted that the board of directors dismissed his candidate from the coaching role immediately after the loss from Bayern Munich. That’s why it’s very interesting why the board was so silent for a month. 

Setien said that he will start legal actions. According to Spanish coach, lawyers are ready for the court papers and they will continue the case there. Rumors suggest that Setien can get 4 Million Euros from Barcelona if they continue the case at the court. In the contract, Setien had a very interesting note – after a dismissal of contract before it expires, Setien could get for 4 Million euros as the bonus. 

Other three coaches would get position at Barcelona

In an official statement, Setien noted that he was working with three other coaches – Sarabia, Soto and Pascua. As it seems, Barcelona wants to hire those three coaches again. Setien noted that all four coaches wanted to continue legal actions at the court but those coaches may be ready for new roles at the club. That’s how board of directors solved the issues with three more legal cases.