Football NewsLeipzig’s 3rd consecutive loss in the Bundesliga
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Jesse Marsch is in self-isolation. Meanwhile, Leipzig is losing many points. Keep in mind that Union Berlin scored two goals against Leipzig and the assistant coach was not happy with the performance of the team.


Stung two times from Union Berlin

Marco Kurth is the assistant coach of Jesse Marsch. He was the main man replacing the coach against Union Berlin. The match was very unsuccessful for the team in general and it was visible in the mood of Marco. The coach said that Leipzig needs to change the mentality. He said that Union Berlin scored two goals from the side that Leipzig players knew about from the start of the match. Marco Kurth said that the team was very well prepared for all attacking line surprises of the Union Berlin. That’s why Marco added that Leipzig defenders should know every aspect of the attacking line.


Not dangerous in the attacking line

Kurth said that the team was not dangerous in the attacking line. The coach added that Union Berlin defenders were just taking a deep breath during the attacks of the team. It’s visible that Berlin’s players were not afraid of Leipzig’s attacking line. Marco said that the team has to learn more about the counter-attacks too.


Few words from Peter Gulacsi

The player was very disappointed by the result. He said that the team was not ready for the start and they conceded a goal quite early. Peter said that the team could not properly act after the opener of Union Berlin. That’s why they could not play well in the first half. Peter said that the club was very well prepared for the Union Berlin match. At the same time, the player promised the fans to keep improving and getting results. He said that defeats are always very bad for the team, so they will try their best to get back to winning ways.