Football NewsLeon Bailey wants to play and entertain like Ronaldinho in near future
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Before the clash against Mainz, Bailey met with Bundesliga’s official representatives and gave a very interesting interview.


Cold in Germany

Journalists started an interview with a question regarding a cold in Germany. Bailey said that he is not satisfied with the weather. Especially in the end of the Winter, Germany becomes very cold and it’s not good for players like him. In the cold weather, players can’t feel toes and fingers until they warm-up. 

Big win against Stuttgart

Bailey tried to explain why it was important for them to win against Stuttgart. Leon said that 2021 was not good for Bayer Leverkusen. Team needed a match where they could feel confident again and regain the trust of the fans. That big win was dedicated to all fans that were not feeling good due to the previous match of Bayer Leverkusen. Leon Bailey noted that the squad went on the pitch with one goal – defeat Stuttgart at all cost.

Bailey’s physical and fitness conditions

Leon Bailey believes that he is in top-shape of this season. Menatlly, physically and emotionally he is still in top shape, admitted the midfielder. He said that the coach can rely on him in any match for any extended situation. Bailey can play 90 minutes on every third day and not get bored. Leon admitted that he loves taking care of body and fitness levels. He has been in phenomenal physical conditions since last season. Midfielder changed diet and sleeping schedule. He noted that changing sleeping habits were decisive. From last year, he listens to his body and knows exactly what to do in any particular moment. 

Idol of childhood

Journalists asked him about the football idol from early childhood. Leon Bailey admitted that Ronaldinho was his idol from the very early period. Ronaldinho was an unbelievable player that could decide the outcome of a match at any particular moment.