Football NewsLess Haaland in the City
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Artificial Intelligence indicates that the player would have performed better in Madrid. In white he would have generated a goal every 375′; at City it is estimated that he will do it every 409′.

The situation

Erling Haaland is already a new Manchester City player ; the English club itself made it public last Tuesday. His arrival on Pep Guardiola’s ship will mean the enlistment of one of the gunmen with the best trigger on the world scene. A superlative player who, according to Artificial Intelligence, would have performed even better at Real Madrid. When analyzing what is called ‘shot selection’ (ability to create chances) and completion (ability to score or miss), the first figures emerge. With his total offensive actions, he would generate 0.24 per 90 ‘if he played for Ancelotti’s Madrid within 10 months in the league, that is, he would contribute to generating 1 goal every 375′. In Guardiola’s City in the Premier in 10 months, he would need 409’. If we talk about frequency (quantity), the AI ​​​​estimates that Haaland would have the best goal scoring average in Madrid in 10 months, 0.433 per game . However, at City it is estimated that he will be slightly lower, with 0.426 goals per 90 minutes . In assists it can be somewhat higher with the citizens (0.015); while in Madrid it was 0.014. He would not have much relevance to his contribution in the number of assists. Just as there are heads, there are also tails of coins. Even in this case. For example, if we talk about market value , currently the AI ​​gives it a market value of 134.6 million euros. 

The details

With his signing for City, it would be revalued to 152 million euros, that is, its value would rise by 17.4 million. However, at Real Madrid it would be devalued quite a bit, with a value of 100 million in 10 months. The ratings indicate the comparison of Erling with the rest of the strikers in the database if they played in a certain context, in this case, whether he played in white or light blue. Well, Haaland would be better than 98% of Guardiola’s strikers at City; in Madrid he would be better than 99% of the strikers .