Football NewsLevante’s coach was very proud of the team
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The Levante coach was euphoric after the victory at the Wanda Metropolitano. “Right from the start we knew we could do some damage.”


Levante’s big win against Atletico

We have made an approach that has turned out perfect. In football you don’t know when the merits of a team begin and the mistakes of the rival, I’m talking about mine who have played a spectacular game. They came very far from permanence and won at the Wanda Metropolitano. We are in a situation today where we have taken the focus off salvation. Coming here is extra motivation, they had won last season, we tried to play the game to fight it, give it our all, we planned the game very well and I don’t know if they weren’t expecting it, we tried to surprise and we lasted 90 minutes. As soon as we started we knew we could do damage and then we were lucky that the last one didn’t go in.


Playing for a big win from the start

We were good in the returns, the disputes, controlling well, with superiority inside and I have seen that the approach worked. Dominate we have done it other times and there are times that they work out for you and other times they don’t. Today we were able to control the game for 90 minutes, we knew what was going on and we were in control. There is one thing that is clear, Atletico has many games now, it has casualties, it is rotating and it was a bit what we imagined. We controlled what could happen in the second half and it’s one of those days where everything works out for you, what you set out at the beginning, at half-time and an almost perfect match comes out. Levante’s coach was proud of the players and said that team would do anything to keep improving.