Football NewsLionel Messi – I always wanted to live the United States
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During the interview with La Sexta, Messi said that he wants to live in the US. It was a very surprising moment for the journalist of La Sexta because Messi noted the US football league too.


Negotiations from 1st January

Journalist asked him about the statement that he can activate the negotiation part from 1st January. Messi said that he won’t activate that part of the contract. Lionel noted that he trusts and respects the fans of Barcelona. The player knows that fans still love him and adore the performance of the player, so he won’t disrespect them at that level. Messi said that he will wait for the end of the season. Keep in mind that Messi can become a free agent at the end of the season.

Two guides – Manchester and Paris

The journalist of La Sexta handled Messi with two guidelines. One guide was for Manchester and another guide was for Paris. Messi smiled and said that both guidees were good gifts. Journalist asked him about the route he would take – Manchester or Paris. Messi smiled again and said that nothing is clear at this moment. Lionel wants to wait for the end of the season and decide the future then.’

Living in the United States

Lionel Messi gave a journalist a very honest statement. He said that always dreamed of living in the US. Messi said that can’t make a decision at this moment but he wants to live in the US with his family. Also, he noted that playing football in the US is also a good option but not mandatory for his professional career.