Football NewsLionel Messi – I’m in Paris to build something great
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Lionel Messi signed a document with PSG. He visited Paris yesterday and seemed very happy with the decision.


The big start in Paris

Lionel Messi is not young anymore. He knows the capacity of the body and wants to play as efficiently as possible. Experts believe that age of the player was the main reason why joined PSG. Keep in mind that PSG is a team that has an incredible attacking line. The Parisian club has players like Neymar, Di Maria, Kylian Mbappe and Mauro Icardi. Along with that PSG signed Wijnaldum in the midfield and he will play alongside Marco Veratti. Keep in mind that Veratti won the Euro 2020 and he was the main player in the midfield. Sergio Ramos also signed for PSG and it seems that Nassir created the Golden State Warriors type of team in football. Never before have any clubs had this big influence and power. There is a start in Paris and League 1, it’s a challenge for Argentinian players. Neymar was very happy on Instagram last night when he understood the transfer of Lionel Messi.


What it takes to win Champions League

It’s not a surprise that PSG will go after the Champions League. Under the management of Nassir, PSG reached the final of the CL. Keep in mind that they lost the battle against Bayern Munich that was unstoppable by that time. Also, don’t forget that Bayern could only win the game with one goal difference. It shows how good PSG was ready for that game. As of now, PSG will be unstoppable. Messi’s main target is to win the Champions League and get as many Ballon D’or awards as possible. Experts believe that Messi will be the owner of the Ballon D’or in December. He became the top-scorer of La Liga. He was named as the best player of the Copa America and it was his first national team title in career.