Football NewsLionel Messi set to miss home game against Eibar
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Lionel Messi can’t play against Eibar. Barcelona issued an official statement about Messi’s injury. He will start treatment on his right ankle tomorrow. From Tuesday, he will need only three days for the treatment.


Official statement from Barcelona

In the official statement, Barcelona’s medical team mentioned Messi’s problems with the ankle. He has a problem with right ankle and needs treatment. It will take him three days and he will be back soon. Fans were worried about Messi’s situation because he took the Christmas break first and departed from Barcelona’s airplane from Valladolid. Keep in mind that Barcelona won the game against Valladolid. Lionel Messi played a big role in that match. He was very happy after the backheel pass from his teammate and Messi scored a goal after that assist.

He returns in January

Messi will be ready for training on 1st January of 2021. Keep in mind that Messi is truend is free to talk with other clubs privately from that day. It’s a very interesting date for both Messi and Barcelona management. There are many candidates for the presidential position of Barcelona. All of them believe that there is room for negotiation with Messi. Lionel is in a very interesting situation. He praised Pep Guardiola a few days ago and said that he was a phenomenal coach. Fans believe that Messi’s words about Pep mean that he will join Man. City next season. At the same time, Neymar said that he wants to play with him next season and it could happen next season. Lionel has to decide whether he is leaving Barcelona for good or not.