Football NewsLionel Messi’s contract situation is still unclear
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On July 18th we still don’t even know anything from officials regarding Lionel Messi’s renewal. It’s a huge probability that Messi will stay in Barcelona until the end of his football career, but sadly there have been no statements made about him staying or leaving the club.

What is left to him to achieve at this point?

We all greatly know the fact that Lionel is a walking legend, but his career is slowly coming to an end, so what is left to him? What can Lionel do in his last years in football, well actually he can get lots of achievements even in this short period of time. The easiest one we can start off with is winning the world cup with Argentina and the Champion league with Barcelona. Even in his last year of his legendary career, Messi still looks and plays as a beast, so if stars align in the right order it’s quite possible to see Messi holding the world cup with Argentinian national team and to see him holding the Champions League cup with Barcelona. Second of all, we should mention that Lionel Messi had tons of titles throughout his career. Most titles a player has ever got was 44, they were earned by Dani Alves, and Messi is not painfully close to 44 but he is somewhat close to Dani with a whopping 38 titles.

Messi and Ronaldo’s rivalry 

It’s a well known fact that Ronaldo and Messi are surely great and promising players, but the thing with this pair is that, They are pretty much rivals to each other, so considering this situation, Messi can end his own career quite loudly if he desires so. Ronaldo comes painfully close to overtaking Messi in some ways and It’s only up to Messi to show us at the end of all of this. How Messi will play in future is dependent on his choices and these choices will matter for the years of rivalry between him and Cristiano.