Football NewsLiverpool manager likes Thiago Alcantara but won’t praise him anyway
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Jurgen Klopp says he never doubted Thiago Alcantara would do well and is looking forward to another Merseyside derby.


Thiago Alcantara caught the eye

The Spain international catches the eye of the Reds, but the Liverpool manager is wary of spoiling the player with too much praise for fear of cursing him. Jurgen Klopp claims to have an unfortunate history of players laughing, only to see them cut out of their plans with injuries. The German tactician will leave others to discuss the qualities of the Spanish player, with those at Anfield never in doubt that the playmaker will come in well despite early questions.


What did Jurgen say about Thiago?

Alcantara graduated from the La Masia academy in Barcelona and moved to England after winning the Champions League with Bayern Munich, and landed on a serious purple patch. Alcantara plays games for the Reds with their creativity and passing ability in the middle of the park and the Liverpool Boss talks about Thiago Alcantara’s contribution which is great but Klopp doesn’t want to talk too much about one player not because he doesn’t deserve it but because when Klopp makes something happen to the player, so Jurgen leaves this room and Alcantara feels something!

Jurgen Klopp added that people asked if he was comfortable with their football. Thank God these people don’t make decisions! If a player calms the game down in moments for a variety of reasons, they didn’t think anything, more importantly, Alcantara wanted to join them and knew how they played.

According to Klopp, Thiago Alcantara is a real football person and thinks about football a lot. Thiago knew how they played and how they fit in. It’s about coming up and staying in shape and getting used to the little differences at another club. Klopp says Thiago Alcantara had only one problem, he was injured and that didn’t help. They only signed it because they knew it would suit them.