Football News“Then the Liverpool owners were lying” – Torres on the transfer to Chelsea
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Spanish striker Fernando Torres recalled 2011 when he joined Chelsea from Liverpool and said he did not want to leave the Reds as he was happy there.


Former Spain forward Fernando Torres recalled 2011 and explained his transfer from Liverpool to Chelsea.

This transfer of Torres was very irritating for the Liverpool fans at that time. The Merseysiders were also burning the Spaniard’s shirt. Torres said the problem was with the owners then.

“I was happy at Liverpool. But if you remember, then the club was going to sell me, and it was a difficult situation. They sold all the top players on the team. Javier Mascherano left Xabi Alonso too. Coach Rafael Benitez also left the team, and the management started inviting young players. Then, Liverpool, It would take 5, 6, and maybe even seven years to build a good team.

Unfortunately, the Liverpool owners lied a lot at the time. So, eventually, I had to find my way where I would fight for the titles. “I thought Chelsea was like that then,” Torres said.

Torres, 35, has defended the dignity of Liverpool, Chelsea, Milan, and Sagan Tosu throughout his careern and has scored 38 goals in 110 appearances for the Spanish national team. The Spanish striker has won the Champions League, twice the Europa League, as well as twice the European Championship and once – the World Cup.