Liverpool’s quadruple dreams are shattering.

Liverpool’s quadruple dreams are shattering.

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08 May 2022
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Liverpool scratched out a draw against Tottenham in a very difficult match – 1:1.

But for Klopp’s team, this labor draw is not much different from defeat. Liverpool equaled Man City on points but played one more match. The fate of the championship was already in the hands of Guardiola, but now the advantage can become even more confident: if City beat Newcastle on Sunday, they will come off already by three points.

  • Man City have Antonio Conte’s Tottenham to thank. The Italian team gave a chic performance at Anfield and could even win – but Pierre-Emil Heybjerg was decidedly unlucky for the whole match: in the first half, the Dane loaded into the post, and then did not hit Alisson point-blank.
  • The bad luck of a teammate blocked the efforts of Son Heung-min. Although the Korean scored in the empty, he was useful in every aspect. Son has already scored 20 goals this season – only two left before Mo Salah. At the same time, the Egyptian scored five goals from the penalty spot. Cosmic Dream – none. “As soon as you lose the ball, they pass it to Kane, and you immediately understand that Son is making a run. It’s like a phone with a navigator, he gets a pass exactly at his feet. It’s amazing, ”Klopp praised and was wary of the Korean before the match. Did not help.
  • Liverpool haven’t won at home in the Premier League for the first time in 13 matches. The last time they lost points was at Anfield on 30 October when they played Brighton 2-2. Since then, Klopp’s team has won 12 victories with a total score of 35:2.
  • Liverpool’s six-match winning streak ended. The last time Klopp’s team did not win in the Premier League was against City on April 10, losing to Leicester at the end of December.

Quadruple – everything?

With the win over Villarreal, Liverpool fans and players have been talking about four trophies this season for the first time. Only three days have passed – and now the desired quadruple flies out of hand. Virgil Van Dijk and Jurgen say they are now playing game after game. But Salah let slip: “Of course, we want a quadruple. At the beginning of the season, we didn’t think about it, but now we are so close. Why not?” “Of course, this is not the result we expected. But we played the way I wanted, so I’m not upset in this regard, – sums up Klopp. “It’s very difficult to play against a team that has world-class players and a world-class coach who has a week to prepare and we play every three days. Don’t think we trashed the dressing room. There are other matches too. We just have to keep working.” From the 2019/20 season, the number of points in head-to-head matches comes first in determining the champion (in case of equality of points). Here City and Liverpool are completely equal: 2:2 and 2:2.

Will watch next:

  • Goal difference and number of goals scored. Now Liverpool have 87 goals and a difference of 64. City: 84 goals 63 difference.
  • Then look at the number of away goals in head-to-head matches. There will definitely be a difference.
  • Only then an additional match.
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  • Match highlights

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