Football NewsLorenzo Insigne prepares to take on a new challenge
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Lorenzo Insigne is gearing up to take on a new challenge in Canada after being offered a long-term contract.


A little about the topic

Toronto FC has agreed on a deal with Lorenzo, who will see the Euro 2020 winner contact them as a free agent once his contract in Napoli comes to an end. The Italian striker is set to hit the free agency in the summer and is poised to take on a new challenge, having spent his entire career to date on the books of his hometown club. Lorenzo has been associated with various teams across Europe as his conditions in Naples end, but Italy International will now spread its wings on July 1st as he prepares to travel to Canada.

The Italian footballer first contacted Napoli in 2006 and graduated through their academic system before making his way to the first team. The earliest loan spells in his senior career saw important minutes taken up, allowing Lorenzo to begin making his mark in Naples. To date, Lorenzo Insigne has played 414 appearances for Serie A title contenders, scoring 114 goals, making him fourth in their appearance and performance stats.

It’s time for him to leave Italy’s comfort zone, with Toronto presenting Lorenzo with a five-year deal that costs around € 11.5 million a year – with bonuses to be added on top of that. The agreement between the club and the player is expected to be officially announced on 10 January.


What did Giovinco say about Lorenzo Insigne?

While Lorenzo will be looking to get into the MLS, questions have been asked about his decision to leave Europe. Countryman Giovinco – who is always the top scorer of FC Toronto – shared his experience of swapping life in Italy with Juve for being in North America, which of course will be amazing for the league and for TFC, Sebastian hopes they can do it. According to Sebastian Giovinco, there is a good life in Toronto, but if you want to talk about football, Sebastian cannot say that it is the same. They start to improve, but they are not on the same level.

Sebastian Giovinco added international ambition to the man who has 53 caps to his name that he can only say on his side what happened to him. When Giovinco came here, he left the national team. This is the reality. Of course, it might be different for Lorenzo Insigne, because he won the Euro. Maybe Lorenzo will talk to Mr. Mancini and maybe not even leave the national team. So maybe nothing changes for Lorenzo Insigne.