Football NewsLos Blancos officials are not happy with the opponents faults on Vinicius
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In the white club, the aggressiveness with which the rivals are used with the Brazilian player, as well as the signs of racism, are worrying. Ancelotti takes iron away from him and focuses on training him.


Annoying with Vinicius Junior

At Real Madrid, concern and annoyance are growing around the aggressiveness that Vinicius usually suffers , especially this season in which his scoring awakening (he has already scored 17 goals) marks him out as one of the leader’s main attacking assets. Rival defenses act accordingly, as Maffeo did during Mallorca-Real Madrid. The vermilion defender made a very tough tackle on the Brazilian , deserving of a straight red in the opinion of Iturralde González, arbitration specialist for AS and Cadena SER. However, Sánchez Martínez did not even consider it a foul and scored a throw-in in the face of Vinicius’s complaints, who received a yellow card for protesting and for confronting a rival. The referee even threatened him: “I will expel you”.

Ancelotti didn’t want to influence that action too much after the game: “This is football, sometimes it can happen. I don’t think Maffeo wanted to do any harm. It was a tough game, with contacts, I think the referee got it right in the end”. The Italian is more focused lately on correcting certain attitudes of Vinicius and preventing him from falling into provocations. But Emilio Butragueno, the club’s director of Institutional Relations, did complain: “There are plays that deserve reflection. They can involve an injury. The referee was close and they are dangerous actions. If he doesn’t see it, the VAR has to intervene.”


Vinicius, tickets and racism

Vinicius has been living with situations like this since he arrived. Playing with Castilla, a defender from Atleti B came to bite his head off. And in the recent visit to Vila-real, he received two unpunished elbows, by Albiol and Parejo, two ex-Madridistas. In the field it is difficult for him to contain himself, outside of it he takes it with philosophy: he uploaded a publication to his social networks with two images: one in which he received the aforementioned brutal entry from Maffeo and another in which he left sitting on the side with a cut dry.