Football NewsLucas Perez will play for Cadiz – He is leaving Elche
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The striker has gone to the Martinez Valero to collect his belongings and travel to Valencia, where he will meet with Cadiz to face the Cup. His transfer leaves a million euros in the coffers of Elche.


Leaving Elche at this point of time

This is football and in the end the two clubs reached an agreement. Cadiz, at this time, has opted for me. I spoke with the coach on the last market day, although he was also very happy at Elche. This opportunity arose in which they trust me and give me one more year in case of permanence. I leave Elche grateful for the trust they placed in me after a difficult second round at Alaves and, for that, I wish them all the luck in the world. Yes, I was delighted. This has taken us all by surprise – to Elche, too. The club benefits from my transfer and I go to an entity where they give me another year of contract and with the same objective, which is salvation.


When did you make the decision to leave?

It was a decision for all parties. In the world of soccer it is something common. The two clubs reached an agreement and if not, he would not have been transferred. Now I just have to go forward and thank Elche for what they have done for me in these few months that I have been here. I have been very happy and I have played, but now another path is opening up with a coach who trusts me, like Francisco or Escriba, to whom I am also grateful. I have never had the opportunity to work with Sergio, although I knew him from previous stages in which he already wanted to take me, for example, to Real Valladolid. That is a factor that has influenced.