Football NewsLucas Vazquez – I’m happy that Real Madrid officials gave me trust
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Lucas Vazquez extended contract with Real Madrid. Florentino and Lucas signed a new contract and he will stay in Madrid until 2024.


Spanish player is very happy

Vazquez was very happy during the press-conference. He said that Madrid is home and that he can’t leave anytime soon. That’s why Real Madrid and his family agreed on a new contract until 2024. Lucas was the main player in Zidane’s rotation. Experts believe that Real Madrid went downhill with the points started when Lucas got an injury against Barcelona in the second round. Keep in mind that Real Madrid got a point against Atletico Madrid, and won the game against Liverpool and Barcelona in just 3 days. In the game against Barcelona, Lucas was playing at his maximum pressure because he did not have more stamina. That’s why Lucas got injured in La Liga. Team was hoping to win the tournament and they failed with Lucas.


Happy memories with Real Madrid

Journalists asked him about the penalty scored in Milan. As you may know, Lucas Vazquez took the ball and converted the penalty during the shout-out against Atletico Madrid. He is very confident and without any distractions. Lucas recalls that moment and says that he knew 100% in converting the penalty. The player personally went to Zinedine and asked him for a chance. Zidane gave him a chance and Lucas confidently converted the ball in the goal. Vazquez noted that the team has a big trust in him and he loves the quality values of the teammates. At the same time, the player has had many moments with the club in the last few years. Especially winning Champions League trophies for consecutive years, getting La Liga titles with Zinedine Zidane, etc. Lucas Vazquez said that he is happy with the new coach appointment. He hoped that Carlo could lead the team to another Champions League trophy.